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This was improved upon by the invention of the sundial.

There were many kinds of sundials used in the ancient world, but one of the best-preserved sundials found from ancient Egypt consisted of a flat base with twelve lines projecting from a hole that held an upright wooden or metal bolt.

There were twelve months in each year and thirty days in each month, with five extra days added the end of the year.

This calendar correlated with the flood cycle of the Nile so that the farmers were informed of the best times to plant and reap.

Egyptians made use of many simple machines and ideas that they invented for large and small projects.

— which was the writing material created by the ancient Egyptians.

Ancient Egyptians combined soot with a mineral called galena to make a black ointment known as kohl. They also made green eye makeup by combining a mineral called malachite to color the ointment.

To the ancient Egyptians, the more color worn by a person, the higher the social ranking.

Both male and female Egyptians placed great importance on hygiene and their appearance.

The writing system of the Egyptians began with pictograms dating back to 6000 BC.



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