How to survice dating a bitch

You can use a cheap door chain (if your landlord allows it). If you let them see it, they will try to capitalize on it, and intimidate you even more. It’ll give you some ideas on how to appear more confident, and you’ll also be able to sense if something is amiss (some people call it “street smarts”.) It was a low-income neighborhood. Some of them were not even working most of the time. It blended in perfectly in our small parking lot outside of the apartment building.

But I’d rather not risk someone being able to kick it open. Here’s a tip: don’t leave any thing that may even seem like it’s valuable in your car.

You might forget to remove your GPS from the windshield, or leave a case for your sunglasses on the seat.

9 times out of 10, you’ll come back to find your windows smashed.

Compare: Suffice to say that the Pay Evil unto Evil can have a perpetrator of almost any morality while the Kick the Son of a Bitch is always a case of Evil Versus Evil. Also compare—but do not confuse—with Pay Evil unto Evil.

Scenes like this often qualify for Less Disturbing in Context.

In 2006 I moved into a dingy small apartment in a low income neighborhood.


The difference lies in how much the perpetrator knew about the victim, and whether that was his motive for committing the act.Other than that, I was able to live in my ghetto apartment with no problems. From day one I slowly started to learn what was appropriate and what was not in my “hood”.


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