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This little feature gives some interesting geographical data when ran across password lists originating in the US.

The best example I've seen of this is the dump from the Military Singles site where some passwords could be obviously seen to be grouped around US military bases.

The cap of showing the top 10 is configurable by a parameter on the command line, I'd suggest playing with this limit as sometimes the next entry is the one that starts to explain things.

Top 10 passwords 123456 = 1 (0.0%) password = 1 (0.0%) phpbb = 1 (0.0%) qwerty = 1 (0.0%) 12345 = 1 (0.0%) 12345678 = 1 (0.0%) letmein = 1 (0.0%) 111111 = 1 (0.0%) 1234 = 1 (0.0%) 123456789 = 1 (0.0%) The next list is the number of base words.


Pipal Goes Modular Version 2 - Two big changes, the first a massive speed increase.

The first output is the number of entries in the file parsed and the number of unique entries found.

Unfortunately the list I chose has already been ran through unique so these two figures match in this example.

Recently a good friend, n00bz, asked on Twitter if anyone had a tool that he could use to analyse some passwords he had. So, please get in touch if there is a set of stats that you'd like to see included.


I pointed him to Counter and said if he had any suggestions for additions to let me know. One other thing I know needs fixing, Pipal doesn't handle certain character encodings very well.People in the UK don't have the same relationship with phone numbers so I know this won't work here but if anyone can suggest any other areas where this might be useful then I'll look at building in some kind of location awareness feature so you can specify the source of the list and get results customized to the correct area or just run every area and see if a pattern emerges.


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    We also take your privacy very seriously and do not trade your data to third parties for easy sharing buttons or analytics and things like that unlike most other web sites.

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    Anyway…) and talk turns to the Fancying of Frankie. It ends badly, with Frankie making it quite clear that he’s a sod, and Harry smirking like an urban fox that has just spotted an unlocked, unattended branch of KFC. Has anyone asked him how he’s feeling right this minute? ’ he protests, second before he takes a drink to the face. Mimi sidles up to Sam and demands to know what’s so sexy about her.

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    Calls to 89126 cost £1.50 per minute across all mobile networks.

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