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The Undertones provided quantity as well as quality, with two B side tracks. escaped with Here Comes The Summer mispressed on the B side! This Ardeck re-issue was only available with the My Perfect Cousin double pack re-issue from 1983. Again, the catalogue number appears in the top right hand corner on the front of the sleeve. Standard Australian stuff, no picture sleeve issued. The third of only three ‘Tones singles issued in America. Fairly In The Money occupies the B side, no picture sleeve issued.

It retains the original Sire sleeve design, while implementing the obvious label/catalogue number changes. Nothing very exciting about this, same sleeve as UK issue except the catalogue number appears on the front of the sleeve in the top right hand corner. Often described as ‘mega rare’ but not issued with a picture sleeve, and has the same catalogue number as the UK issue. This, The Undertones’ biggest hit, came housed in a very colourful Subbuteo player picture sleeve. Another distinctive Undertones sleeve design, dating from February 1982.

Some labels credit Sire soon snapped up the Derry quintet and re-issued the EP in October 1978, complete with a new matt black finish title sleeve. With the band’s split imminent Ardeck re-issued Teenage Kicks in June 1983.


Dojo turned their release into a pastiche of the Good Vibes original, putting the poster on more durable glossy paper. The CD comes packaged in an album size jewel case, complete with fold out insert featuring the Good Vibes artwork plus details of the (then) forthcoming CD re-issues.

The front of the sleeve is mainly black with white and yellow lettering, while the rear of the sleeve features a large black square! Pretty much the same as the American counterpart, even down to the catalogue number. Alternatively, there’s a green vinyl pressing housed in a printed PVC sleeve with the same Feargal mugshot overprinted on it.


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