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More than a month after parting with £217 (making each 'treatment' £72 compared with the £200 average a trained professional charges in Britain), a small package arrived from the Ukraine.The sender's address was a post office in Odessa and it was marked as containing bio-degradable substances in Russian to ease its passage through Customs.Last week, the Mail revealed how a DIY Botox kit, comprising the poison - for that is what the botulinum toxin is - a syringe and map showing where to inject it in your face, was sold on e Bay for just £62.But the Mail has uncovered a worldwide internet trade in this and other potentially dangerous substances used for cosmetic purposes.'With applications of Botox in the lower face and neck it is also possible to cause inability to speak or swallow, and there has been at least one death reported in America. Also, the provenance of the products when bought over the internet is unknown, and there may be a risk that the product you receive may is toxic or not sterile.' He also warned that in its freeze-dried powder form, Botox must be kept at below 4C for it to work.While these are rare complications in the hands of an expert, they are potentially life threatening in unqualified hands.' Dr Paul Myers, of Cosmederm, an Essex-based clinic, agrees: 'There are a number of hazards associated with obtaining and administering botulinum and dermal fillers by unqualified people. As the package I received was sent through the post in an envelope, it would probably have been inactive and therefore useless, (assuming it was the real thing in the first place).Around 600,000 UK citizens now buy medicines from the internet each year - and the numbers are growing.

Not all proponents of the letter’s authenticity are Christian or adherents of the Satanic New World Order theory, but the common thread that unifies them is the belief that wars and events on the geopolitical chessboard are pre-planned in order to carry out secret agendas.Perhaps you've looked in the mirror recently and thought your face was looking a bit tired.Or even that your wrinkles were getting a little too deep-set.Just log on, type 'buy Botox' into your search engine, pay up, and within a few days the postman will deliver a package to your door.


Disturbing as it may seem, an increasing number of people are doing just that.

The ordering process is effortless - I simply clicked on the Botox symbol on the website (I ordered three vials, enough for three treatments, for 1 or £217) and then went to the online 'check-out'. When attempting to pay by credit card, a warning flashed up that the firm was accepting only Western Union or Moneygram transfers - much harder to trace because the receiver's details are not registered.


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