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She has three daughters and her Facebook page suggests she lives in Athens.One daughter, Alice, was in the moderately successful band Big Deal.Freud painted Annabel (four years Annie’s junior) both clothed and nude, as a child and later as an adult woman in 1988’s Annabel Sleeping, which shows her in a blue dressing gown.Annabel married an architect in 1974, with whom she has a daughter, Katie Louise, 34.Annie, who was born in 1948, was painted nude by her father at the age of 14, for his 1963 portrait Naked Child Laughing.She recalled him moving her hair off her nipples with his paintbrush.‘There was some hurt done, not intentionally, and it was nothing to do with sex — perhaps it was more an intrusion into innocence.Alexander Boyt, known as Ali in the family was — according to his siblings — a wild teenager.Aged 16, he was said to have got drunk in France and got into a fight with a group of Hell’s Angels who tried to stab him. He recalls: ‘I once apologised to Dad for something I did, and he replied, “That’s nice of you to say, but it doesn’t work like that. People just have to do what they have to do”.’Rose Boyt provoked pointed references to great-grandfather Sigmund when her first novel, Sexual Intercourse, was published in 1990.



Bernardine Coverley was 16 when she met Freud in a bar in Soho in 1959.

The answer is that the Freuds are the most unlikely clan, artists galore of all different stripes, with a dizzying number of divorces, scandals and family disasters between them.


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    See, I am standing beside this spring, and the daughters of the townspeople are coming out to draw water.

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    Tortured by memories of events “his eyes had witnessed but his tongue had never uttered”; his dying cries were “BLOOD!

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    Specific streets and districts became devoted to retail, including the Strand and Piccadilly in London.

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    It has graffiti, dollar bills hanging from every centimeter of the ceiling, and locals with tall tales." data-reactid="51"The Salty Dawg Saloon is exactly the kind of place you want to visit in Homer.

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