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In January of 2003, RBCP wrote an update on the death of red boxing. Face it, the death of pay phones is getting close since everyone in the world owns a cell phone now.And a lot of people are hearing "Effective soon, this phone will no longer accept coins for AT&T long distance calls. Collecting the quarters out of public phones costs the phone company lots of money, especially when people aren't using pay phones that often anymore.


There is only one thing that can be said about Red Boxing due to this code... There will be no excuse you can give for possessing a red box.

Hard to believe it’s true, like everything else on this show.

But the visit ‘Little Sammy T’ and ‘The Ry-Man’ paid to a tattoo parlour set a new record for stupidity even for Mi C.

If you're going to actually try to build a red box then you're attempting to break the law.

Once you place that first phone call you've broken the law and you'll probably go to hell too.

If you have a picture of a red box you've made or anything else you don't see on this page, send it to us and we'll consider using it here. Whenever you make a call from a pay phone, you deposit coins and the pay phone checks the coins to make sure they're not bogus, then emits a few tones that tells the phone company how much money you've deposited.


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