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What's crazy is that the switching looks like what's required for a 2 speed 2 winding motor. I thought you said the cap was not connected in one setting at least.........

He sent me the manual but there's no mention how to start the motor or anything about switch sequence. There must be switching to reverse, AND switching to change speeds.......................... The way the switches are set up is Forward and Reverse both have 4 contact pairs.

Each time I made a test, I got more questions than answers!

OK, throw caution to the wind, wire the motor direct to the line. Other phase connected to "X1" and "X2", motor ran low speed Forward, reversing Capacitor and "X2" motor ran Low speed Reverse.



The two Identical windings don't seem to be for direction, That's done by reversing the phases connected to the start winding only the motor winding is not reversed.

One pair is jumped to the other "Z" is connected to one jumped contact and power to the other so that if either button is pushed it will put power on "Z" from the same phase.

Another has only one jumper and connected to the non motor side of the capacitor, the other contacts are connected to the 2 phases so depending on which switch is pushed determines which phase the capacitor is connected to.

A third larger button operates two switches for High and Low and is returned to Low when the Stop button is pushed.


For High Speed operation both a directional button and large button must be pushed to lock the button down in High Speed.

This is a 2 and 4 pole motor, I'm thinking I should get High speed when connected as I did. A motor with a capacitor and no switch sounds like a "PSC" motor..... I VERY MUCH SUSPECT, having had experience with this before, that the motor CANNOT BE STARTED in one of the speeds.


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