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It has lot of implications to the software industry, especially software services companies.The very attributes that made them a success are going work against them in the coming years. Let us see: While software service companies are grappling with the issues of irrelevancy, the enterprises are facing the same challenges in many ways.A world class phone company, taking that long to get a phone?If it was left to me, I reasoned, I would get the phone under a day. I also managed to get the phone ordering under a day.The only changes were the integration challenges with web and the ERP; and the new channels of mobile and the web in the modern times.

It is the difference between a startup and an enterprise.Sometimes we got the phone under a day and sometimes it would take many days.It was frustrating for our HR — they could not plan the on-boarding process.You cannot wait for the business to send in the full requirements.

Sometimes, you work with the business; sometimes, you lead them to new possibilities.They tried to write lot of apps, but eventually wisely moved to SAP.


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    Her mother worked and rented rooms in their home to be able to send Cynthia to the Liverpool College of Art, where she met John Lennon.

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