Food code dating examples

B148C23=February 14, 1998 and the last three characters would be plant or processing line locations. The first digit is the month, the next two digits is the day of the month, the next number is the year and the last digit is ignored. The first character is a digit representing the year. GENERAL MILLS: The manufacturing date is coded to their fiscal year that begins on June 1st and ends on May 31st.

Armour Star Microwaveable Meals have a two line production code on the container lid. Example: A code of 50173 deciphers to be:5 = the fifth month or May01 = the first day of May7 = 19973 = last number is discarded. The next three characters are digits representing the day of the year the product was packed. Example: A packing code of 8045B deciphers to be:8 = 1998045 = The 45th day of the year or February 14th. Interpret the code as follows: The first character of the code is a letter and represents the month the product was made.

These packing codes are usually a series of letters and numbers that indicate dates, times, and sometimes places of manufacture.

These dates are not "use by" dates, but the time the container was actually filled.

In spite of the fact that increasing numbers of food processing companies are moving to open dating it is not yet universal.




This number is then followed by a single letter such as "B" and then by a single digit that represents the year.Thus 804522 means that box of pudding mix was packed on February 14th, 1998 at a.m.


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