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I resigned from my 6-figure job in 2011 and hired my husband full-time into our business in 2012.

I tell you this because if I’ve done it, so can you.

Everything I coach on, I’ve done first hand and become an expert through experience and self-education. It can be replicated, repeated, and taught and followed. I open the curtain and let you see everything because, you know what?

I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in my own growth and development as a business person, a coach, and an entrepreneur. You can apply the same success principles to YOUR business aspirations or your career and get even better results – better because now I know what to do even better. I can’t stand it when I pay for an expensive program or hire a high-end coach only to get basic fluff without the Working with Farnoosh was an experience that I will always look upon as transformational.

I coach entrepreneurs and business owners to accelerate success and growth through Impact, Income and Influence.

I know this for a fact because coaching has made my 6-figure business and lifestyle dream a reality.

I’ve been investing heavily in coaches, mentors, conferences, books, programs and masterminds.

I admit, I resisted the idea of hiring a coach for a miserably long time because I was trying to do it all “on my own”.


I exited the program as a confident and effective leader, well-equipped with a powerful overall mindset, improved “leader language” and listening skills, enhanced behavioral tools to connect with all types of behavior styles, as well as an enriched work-life balance.The 3 components of the program that stood out for me: 1.



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