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Or is this the failure of a company whose culture and mantra has always been to change the world simply by making the best products in it?Apple has blessed us with two world-class products that exist in the same name-branding ecosystem of i Movie.So this is unquestionably a ball dropped by a company that is usually dropping a mic.However, there has been no official word that this is true.De la Rua is suing the singer for damages topping 0 million, claiming he helped shape the multi-milliondollar "Shakira brand" during their decade-long romance that ended in 2010.He told the Swiss court he should have ownership rights to the Swiss bank account because it holds most of the assets from their alleged oral business agreement, the Associated Press reported.

We have everything very neatly and she is the sole owner and beneficiary of her companies," reads a copy a January 2011 email purportedly sent by de la Rua to Shakria's mom and attached as an exhibit. You are the sole owner of all of them," he allegedly wrote in a related email sent to the Colombian chanteuse that same week.Unless Apple changes the name of i Movie for i OS, this is not a time for technical excuses to explain why a mobile i Movie is wholly incompatible with a desktop i Movie, because your loyal public has moved beyond that escape.


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    Note: If you have accessed this web page via a search engine, you should go back and start at the Beginning.

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    Women need to talk and express how they feel; it is natural to them, it is what they do. It can also be excruciatingly uncomfortable to be with your partner who is crying and your natural response may be to try and deflect this in some way.

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    All sites deliver what is promised, unless you are surfing in the dark side of the web, but search engines make sure that you will never find those sites.

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    Contrast, naturally, Not Distracted by the Sexy and Ignore the Fanservice. If the viewers are the ones Distracted By The Sexy, that's Best Known for the Fanservice.

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