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Bendell concludes “Bitcoin has served its purpose and we must move on with smarter and cleaner tech – either voluntarily or with government help”. And if getting rich without working was all that mattered then we could go full steam ahead.But in a planetary emergency, we cannot afford to get stuck on unhelpful ideologies.


So unless or until Bitcoin bursts like a bubble, capital gains from Bitcoin should be regarded as ethically dubious as shares in Raytheon or Texaco, or blood diamonds.

While making Mudbound, she says, she was heartbroken.

Her 13-year marriage to her former manager, Kendu Isaacs, collapsed when he fell for another woman.

On the other hand, if this community does not conduct itself in a socially and environmentally responsible way, then are not governments justified in stepping in to regulate it?

Is not excessive CO2 just as antisocial as oil spills and nuclear waste? Investors might diversify their portfolios, weighting more heavily the coins they want to win.Exchanges might create markets between different alt-coins rather than assuming all transactions are either to or from Bitcoin or ethereum.


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