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During any given trip, local law enforcement plays a big role in protecting presidents and their families. However, the United States Secret Service is the primary agency used to protect presidents, their families and some other members of an administration. But instead of exchanging a few pleasantries and setting up a date (which wouldn’t have been too difficult since they both attend Kent State University, after all), the two kept sending each other excuses for not responding.This continued for almost three years as the students went weeks without making contact, only for one of them to randomly message an excuse, like, “sorry was in the shower,” or, “sorry my phone died,” in the middle of the night.NOTE: We all remember Obama’s admonishment to corporate CEO’s in February: “You can’t get corporate jets, you can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayers dime.” Apparently that doesn’t apply to his wife.The London Times opened its description of Michelle’s visit this way: Motorcycle outriders, armoured Chevrolets and bullet-headed men in raincoats criss-crossed London yesterday as Michelle Obama and her daughters spent a second day on an unofficial visit to the capital.On Sunday, President Obama flew back to the United States on Air Force One.His wife, two daughters and her mother did a bit of shopping in Paris before taking their own Boeing 757 (C-32) over TO London to do some sight-seeing.


The chain e-mail above alleges that this vacation time was financed by taxpayer money, saying that while "millions of Americans …

Avsec posted screenshots of their messages—which, at some point, just turned into an inside joke of sorts—to Twitter on July 7, saying, “One day I’m going to meet this girl and it’s going to be epic.” But to Avsec’s surprise, the tweet ended up going viral, raking in hundreds of retweets and likes.

Then, someone tagged Arendas into the tweet’s thread.

But the Obamas paid for their own personal expenses – not U. As was the case with Michelle Obama’s vacation, the Obamas personally paidfor dinner and the tickets to the show.

While policy dictates that tax money does not cover any personal expenses, the cost of security has historically been placed on the taxpayer. Secret Service: An Examination and Analysis of Its Evolving Missions." Congressional Research Service. For two procrastinating love birds stalling to meet each other, well, they would have kept waiting if they didn’t get a little push.


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