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Foreign-earned income is not taxed, and new home purchases can be tax exempt for a certain number of years.Due to an already-established community of expats, newcomers to Boquete will find many of the same conveniences they enjoyed back home.Likewise the Kuna people are famous for their bright molas, a colorful textile art form.Boquete is home to a vibrant music and art community.The combination of the moist climate and fertile, volcanic soil results in a rich agricultural bounty of coffee beans, strawberries, oranges, and much more.The mountains around Boquete are home to the Ngobe-Bugle people.– Charlie Chaplin Rainbows mean many things to many people.



No matter what your preferred method of sightseeing, you needn’t venture far to enjoy the spectacular flora and fauna of Boquete.

Panama’s Pensionado (Pensioners’) Program offers a lifetime visa for retirees, with little expense or hassle and no minimum age requirement.

Pensionados receive discounts of up to 50 percent on entertainment, 30-50 percent on hotels, 25-30 percent on transportation, 30-50 percent on hotels, 25 percent on restaurants, 25 percent on power and utilities, and 15 percent on hospital and private clinic services. The country also has favorable corporate and personal tax laws.

Essentials such as cellular phone service and high speed internet are readily available.

Organizations such as Rotary International and Lions Club International have established chapters in the area.Located in the Chiriquí Province, the town (actually a group of six smaller districts) sits on the Caldera River approximately a half hour drive from the capital city of David and 340 miles from Panama City.


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