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This theme will repeat itself over and over again throughout the Bible.


But if you don't keep the Torah, if you break your end of the bargain, then the land will vomit you out, your enemies will attack, and you will suffer." The message is clear.Truman was bemoaning the difficulties of leadership and remarked, "You have no idea what it is to be a president of a country of 200 million people." To which Meir responded, "You have no idea of what is to be a prime minister of a country of 2 million prime ministers.") So after 40 years of trying to lead this stubborn nation, Moses loses his temper for one moment. (4) And God says to Moses, "Because you did not believe in Me to sanctify Me in the eyes of the Children of Israel, you're not going to go into the Land of Israel with the Jewish people." (Num.) The Sages say that anger is a form of idolatry, because if God runs the world, then everything that happens to you, whether for bad or for good, is the will of God.Their complete, stubborn dedication to an idea that makes every Jew think he's right and every Jew think that he's going to change the world his way.

This is a group that is very, very difficult to unify and almost impossible to lead.

God tells Moses to speak to the rock and water will flow.


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