Dating man going through divorce book

I'm just a layman; I do not attempt to talk in theological levels, but rather I try to teach The Word in a way that common people can comprehend it, and I believe we're accomplishing that given the response we're getting.Now let's review verse 1: I Corinthians 4:1 "Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards (or managers) of the mysteries of God." We went through the mysteries in our last lesson and how these Pauline revelations are never referred to anywhere else in Scripture - not in the Old Testament, or the Four Gospels, and for the most part, not even in the Book of Acts.


To give you a roadmap you can follow to let go of all the beliefs and habits that are keeping you from connecting to a man’s heart…We mistakenly think about love as a checklist, that if we do the “right things” and act in the “right way” a man will see what an amazing woman we are and how lucky he is to have us, and then he’ll fall – and stay – deeply in love forever. Because a man will only fall in love if you are brave enough to show him who you really are and how you really feel.We focus on making him happy, losing weight, pretending to like sports (or whatever else he likes), stuffing down our displeasure or discomfort, or being agreeable and going with the flow…We find ourselves working to “prove” we are the woman he should love, and all our doing, managing and convincing are the very things that repel him and prevent him from connecting with us. He wants to feel turned on-sexually, emotionally and romantically-but he also wants to feel completely safe to be himself.*** If you prefer NOT to be subscribed and receive this free interview, simply make sure the “opt-in” box is unchecked during the order process… It’ll happen because you’ve discovered the secret to connecting with his heart.

LESSON ONE * PART I PROBLEMS AND CONSEQUENCES OF CARNAL BELIEVERS I CORINTHIANS 4:3 - As we pick up again in I Corinthians Chapter 4, we also begin book 27.

I wanted them to learn all the insights, tools and love scripts that it took me years to develop without going through the pain and trial-and-error that I had to go through. I would look across the table at my husband and feel like he was a complete stranger. I had no self-esteem, and our relationship had no affection, no sex, no communication.


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