Dating in taipei

Taiwanese are generally very friendly, and most people here like to teach westerners about Taiwan.The better you know a person, the more they can and will show you.It’s all part of the experience of moving to a new place, and it’s better to do what you can to make it enjoyable.If any women reading this would care to chime in on their experiences with dating in Taiwan in the comments section below this post, I am sure their input would be very highly appreciated.Even if Taipei doesn’t have the most romantic sunsets or breathtaking coastline views like Taitung (on Taiwan’s East Coast), there are still plenty of quaint scenarios you can insert yourself into that mimics a cheesy Taiwanese rom-drama.Below are my 5 Taipei suggestions for a first date or date night with your partner.While living here I met several Taiwanese women, and eventually married one.


Every detail is thoughtful and every sprig of lavender is acceptably cliché.While I try to paint a pretty picture above, and I really do believe everything that I wrote, dating in Taiwan isn’t always puppy dogs and ice cream. First and foremost, no matter how great your Mandarin may be, or in my case, how good the other person’s English is, there absolutely will be miscommunication.


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