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When Ben and I started dating, he liked dogs, but he wasn’t as crazy about them as I am.

But, when he planned a surprise party to celebrate my Pug’s birthday — something he would never have done before he met me — I was absolutely smitten and fell even more deeply in love with him.

Your veterinarian can help you verify the pregnancy, determine the due date, discuss any medication changes, and even estimate the number of expected puppies.

Your veterinarian can also help you determine if your dog is having a false pregnancy, a condition in which she looks and acts pregnant when she's not.

When you date a dog person, be prepared to share your partner with the pooches.



Over the last few years, breeds such as French bulldogs, Pekingese, pugs and King Charles spaniels have been especially popular partially due to celebrity owners such as Lady Gaga and social media.For the most part your dog will instinctively know what to do, so she should do most of the work.


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    The populations least likely to feel Spanish are Catalans and Basques, although these large, complex regional populations are by no means unanimous in their views.

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