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His killer combination of a handsome face and a suave style, paired with his peppy dance numbers made him one of Hollywood's most cherished musical stars.

’ It’s a great guessing game for everyone.”The insider continued: “The thing is the names will be quite an eye opener if they ever do leak out.“They are worried their secret will be blown.The reality is that it was a one-off,” ahead of the week 10 dances this evening.It is also claimed that no-one would ever guess they were more than just friends but they were left “red-faced” in the morning.He is regarded as one of the most creative and innovative tappers of his generation, and will always be known as a top tapper who never conformed to otherwise traditional rules of the dance.

There are also plenty of famous contemporary tap dancers as well as those still up and coming in the dance arena.

While the classics are readily available as rentals or even online, there is a magical appeal of hearing tap dancing in person.


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