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Braison's even Instagrammed a few couple-y pics, including a New Year's Day selfie with Christina (she even has her tongue out like someone else we know)!

Adorably enough, mama Tish Cyrus "liked" one of her son's pics with Christina, even commenting, "Cutest!!!

Her brother Braison Cyrus and his sister Christina Schwarzenegger are dating, E! Braison, 20, and Christina, 23, met for the first time this past November when Miley held her 22nd birthday bash at the Beacher's Madhouse secret location by the Santa Monica Pier.Apparently Miley's bro hit it off with Patrick's sister, because according to a source, the two started dating in December.Braison, a singer-songwriter who's currently working on new music, and Christina, a 2013 graduate of Georgetown University, aren't exactly keeping their budding romance on the DL.Looking at his recent works and achievement, we suspect Braison has yielded a huge net worth in thousands.

Besides, the actor has higher prospects of enhancing his revenue in the days to come with his relentless works in the sector.

In the upcoming episode, Miley Cyrus and her parents Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, as well as siblings Noah, Brandi, Trace and Braison get behind the wheel and have some fun as they drive around together.


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