Dating an raf man

Following a Q&A session with Corrie’s brother Darroch, Nicola took to Corrie’s official Facebook page to clarify comments about her son’s private life.

Just hours before the post, an anonymous Reddit user posted a link to Corrie's swinger page which have since been removed.

Father-to-be Corrie, whose girlfriend April Oliver is expecting their first child, has not been in contact with anyone, and has not been seen since.

Although work is constantly being reviewed, Suffolk police say activities at the landfill site will be assessed on a week by week basis.

Yesterday, an unknown Reddit user shared Corrie’s Fab Swingers profile before deleting the account it was posted from.

The post was left open and attracted dozens of comments from shocked social media users who questioned whether Corrie had arranged to meet someone from the site on the night he went missing.


His Nokia Lumia phone pinged the Barton Mills mast a short time after he was last seen on CCTV.

The 28-year-old has revealed she went on a date with the RAF serviceman five months before he mysteriously vanished on a night out.


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