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I very uncomfortable with this type of behavior and question why would an Auto Zone employee suggest or recommend a loyal customer of Autozone to visit a competitor.

Because my situation was already stressed, this person made my experience even more stressful and unsettling.

Sincerely, La Wanda Lewis A Dissatisfied Auto Zone Customer Reply I recently bought windshield wipers for my Buick Lacross at the Auto Zone in Latrobe PA. He was having some trouble putting them on and I asked if they were on correctly. I was coming home tonight In the dark and pouring rain and my wiper on the drivers side flew off! I had to drive home from Latrobe to Greensburg with no driver side wiper blade! We have proof that it was not touch or put in, in the process we rented a car, until we could get it fix.


I tried calling your customer service numbers and got the run around and 100 on several times and very frustrated I want my money back and I will make sure nobody in my town shops are again.When I want to have it put on it had to be returned because a piece was broken off it.I got another one put it on and I’ll 2 weeks later in my car sounds worse than it did before the power steering pump is bad.My husband is African American, and I question weather if this was a white man, would he have been treated differently.

I guess I was in shock, because Auto Zone in mesa has treated us so kind and never treated us with such dis respect , actually it is the one in Apache junction.

however no place on the promotional offer can I find the address or online information to send the receipt and promotion slip into.


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