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Ready meals, takeaways and meals out weren't quite the quotidian events they are today, and technological advances – helping hands – in the kitchen were extremely welcome.

When, in 1975, The New York Times named Magimix the "French revolution of the 20th-century", its global potential was recognised.

Both are available in a wide range of colours now, so we have the choice of buying a shade to complement the rest of the kitchen, and putting it on display instead of hiding it in a cupboard.

This gives away another major development in our relationship with our kitchen and its accoutrements.

Lucy Cufflin, owner of the food business Lucy's Food and author of a book of the same name, confesses to use hers "all the time – every day in fact, making home-made pesto, soup, pastry, cakes, tiffin and cauliflower and pea purée."For my mother, with me and my sisters as the beneficiaries, it meant that making a pie, tart, crumble or fresh soup was a possibility after a day at work.

Given everything the newer models are capable of, I realise I am probably far too conservative in how I use my Magimix: it brings pastry together far more efficiently than my hands do, and does a fair amount of onion-chopping and soup-blending.

These are not cheap appliances: you'll find mini versions from £139.95 and the Magimix 5200XL Premium will be on the market for £369.99.Yet the blade is the only attachment I have, and I'm very happy with it.


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