Conduct invalidating

When the general assembly has adjourned its regular session sine die, a senator or representative who desires to resign shall do so by presenting a letter of resignation to the governor.The governor shall verify authenticity of the letter of resignation and, upon doing so, shall send a letter of acknowledgement to the resigning senator or representative.(2)(a) If the court of common pleas issues an injunction under division (E)(1) of this section, the court shall order the committee that it enjoins to pay a civil forfeiture of five hundred dollars to the party that sought the injunction and shall award to that party all court costs and, subject to reduction as described in this division, reasonable attorney's fees.The court, in its discretion, may reduce an award of attorney's fees to the party that sought the injunction or not award attorney's fees to that party if the court determines both of the following:(i) That, based on the ordinary application of statutory law and case law as it existed at the time of the violation or threatened violation that was the basis of the injunction, a well-informed committee reasonably would believe that the committee was not violating or threatening to violate this section; (ii) That a well-informed committee reasonably would believe that the conduct or threatened conduct that was the basis of the injunction would serve the public policy that underlies the authority that is asserted as permitting that conduct or threatened conduct.(A) The first regular session of each general assembly shall convene on the first Monday of January in the odd-numbered year, or on the succeeding day if the first Monday of January is a legal holiday, and in second regular session on the same date of the following year.The second regular session of each general assembly shall be in a continuum of the first regular session.



(E)(1) Any person may bring an action to enforce this section.No committee shall hold a regular or special meeting unless it gives at least twenty-four hours' advance notice to the news media that have requested notification.


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