Chad ocho cinco dating cheryl burke


Chad and Cheryl have apparently become quite affectionate towards each other and Ocho even bought her a ,000 diamond ring.

The two have denied that they are dating but Chad is making it seem like he’s not interested in anyone else.

Heather has been on the cover of SHOW magazine, BLACKMENS magazine, SMOOTH GIRL magazine and in several videos including Trey Songz ft Nicki Minaj ” Bottoms up” , Bobby V.

ft Plies ” Phone number” Git Fresh “She Be Like” and Jeremih ft Luda “I like”.

Since leaving the show Ochocinco has made attempts to reconnect with Halie and even acknowledged that he knew her before the show.

The shocker however is the fact that Chad and Rubi are still together! Was your career as a singer ever a consideration for signing up for the show? Do we have the material and the hard work to make it to love? I think we definitely have the material to get there.

In a new interview with VH1, Rubi discusses how she and Chad are making things work, talks about her singing career, and also addresses the rumors that Chad is dating ‘ Evelyn Lozada. You always think about your career, wondering if a given situation is gonna be a negative or a positive.

Excerpts from Rubi’s interview below –What has it been like since the show? I wondered, “Hey is this gonna be something that’s bad for what I do? I’d be a super lazy person not to take advantage of the things I’m reaping now because of the show. And what I do of course depends on fan base and popularity and if this helps it, great.

I’m not gonna sit there and ask him every two seconds.

“Now he is trying to holla at me again on the side, when on the show he really showed no black girls much love!


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