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So did you know that you don´t have to spend all your time weaning out the marijuana haters from the marijuana enthusiasts in the dating world?It is no longer necessary for you to sit through awkward dates (because of course you are high) with someone who is far too open for their dislike of weed.Marco Mendicino, Justice and Attorney General, presented the government’s report and pressed for the passage of the legislation.He spoke of the “thousands of Canadians” who have been charged, convicted, and gone to jail for “small amounts of cannabis.” “Canada is more than ready for a new approach,” said Mendicino.The latest version of this application even allows you to make a video statement as a part of your dating profile.


High There describes its target audience as “medirecreational” users of marijuana who do not want to be judged in the dating community any longer for the cannabis use.Their vision is that for most cannabis users, it is a really big deal in their lives.


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