Camp sex

That would be David Connover (Geoff Stults, of Grace and Frankie), the story’s prince.Like most fairy-tale princes, he’s handsome, has a castle (Southern California real estate, inherited and decidedly luxe) and is as dull as freshly laundered dirt.Like Heigl, Dawson finds the right degree of nuance within her role, making Julia’s emotional contradictions as persuasive as her resilience, her fighter’s instinct and her smarts.But all the characters, with their movie-glamorous sheen, are figures in a thrill ride, some more fully realized than others. What’s recognizable and real in Unforgettable is the way women can turn self-doubt against one another, and the way jealousy can corrode a soul.Played with utter conviction, neither is as self-assured as she seems, but they’re both ready to take it to the limit as director Denise Di Novi steadily turns up the heat on a lethal bouillabaisse of sex, domesticity and juicy archetypes — a recipe that’s equal parts Fatal Attraction, Charles Perrault and Nancy Meyers.At the helm for the first-time, and working from screenwriter Christina Hodson’s slick balancing act of aspirational romance and dark psychology, longtime producer Di Novi enlivens the generic mix with a tinge of camp and a sure grasp of mean-girl dynamics; Heathers, after all, was one of her first producing credits.Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have pulled the curtain back on the mating habits of the cabbage white butterfly, also known as Take sperm, for example.


As the story opens, a visibly battered Julia is being questioned by a police detective (Robert Ray Wisdom), the only suspect in the murder of her abusive ex-boyfriend (Simon Kassianides).

Couples can become muddled in fraught dynamics, power struggles and conflicts between short-term desire and long-term vision.


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