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A typical tweet reads: “It’s not every day you ride a stallion around Notting Hill, smoking fags and wearing Gucci shoes.Not unless you’re Brett Anderson.” As with all good parodies, it sails close to the wind.The girl-power rockers include Brett Anderson on lead vocals, Maya Ford on bass, Allison Robertson on guitar, and Torry Castellano on drums.But our favorite part is that the backbone of the band — why they've stuck together so long — is their friendship.The fact that we made Bloodsports was absolutely essential to the long-term plan of this…It’s a really hard thing to do, which is why other bands haven’t done it,” he says.This week also saw the release of a lush, career-spanning vinyl box set, complete with forensically detailed sleeve notes on every song.It’s quite a turnaround for a band written off as irrelevant a decade ago.


Former SUEDE star Brett Anderson has finally ended speculation about his sexuality - by coming out as a bisexual who has never had a homosexual experience.

I sort of saw myself as some kind of sexual being that was floating somewhere.

The ABC's of punk rock were learned and then demonstrated by a few females who are not an overnight success in the music industry.

It is therefore of some relief when the real Brett Anderson arrives at our Notting Hill rendezvous neither on a horse, nor reeking of cigarettes, nor sporting Italian loafers. “The only thing that bothers me is when people think it’s actually me,” he laughs.

While he says that the person he really is couldn’t be further from the man portrayed, he concedes that the bogus account has taken his public persona and “extremified” it.

The Donnas re-recorded five tracks, remixed one, and included two alternative versions of songs.


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