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He said, “I grew up with all these violent images in books and graphic novels, on TV and in movies, but especially in video games. ” It suddenly confronted him with a reality that was real and intimate.Because so much of the way we are constructed now has its DNA in Vietnam, we are all obligated, whether we are of the Greatest Generation that is disappearing; whether we are of the baby boomer generation that fought in it or fought against it; whether a person is in the subsequent generations that follow—if you want to know how to handle today, you’ve got to understand Vietnam. Obviously, the Civil War is the most cataclysmic example of that.How does that translate into Vietnamese society today? We have great relations with Vietnam now, and it’s part of the healing process for both sides. Why did our leaders say we will not count the costs and send the best of an entire generation or two to their deaths?But they are dealing with same open wounds and toxicity, asking themselves, did we have to pay that price? The opening of our film begins with an American marine admitting that coming home from Vietnam was nearly as traumatic as the war itself.In fact, Vietnam has never completely come to terms with the divisions within their country between North and South. My father was on the faculty of the University of Michigan Anthropology Department.


Now, having expelled his erstwhile comrades of the center-right, he has no alternative but to try to poach voters from the extremist Front National. Weeks later, little had changed and 50,000 antiwar protestors marched on the Pentagon.

[Evidence has come out] that he was looking for more peaceful solutions and that angered the hardliners.


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