Andrew vanwyngarden dating model

Behind him appears bandmate Ben Goldwasser, who smiles loosely in response.

Cast and crew make their ways downstairs to film the next scene of the music video for “Flash Delirium,” the first single off MGMT’s second album, Four days later, before devouring a plate of French toast at Jack the Horse Tavern in Brooklyn Heights, Van Wyngarden, 27, reaches into his mouth and removes the invisible braces that hug his upper and lower sets of teeth, placing them into the pocket of his black trench coat.

With a bellowing creak, a pair of imposing wooden doors opens into Alder Manor, an 80-room mansion in Yonkers, New York.

The space is cluttered with equipment, sheets of music and unpacked boxes of all sizes.

A camouflage banner hangs between two walls, the words “Welcome home, Ben! At least a dozen people are screaming, jumping and waving their arms in the air.

An old woman in a blue cocktail dress and matching heels lifts a glass of champagne to the sky as bursts of silvery confetti explode behind the crowd.

“They appear to be laissez-faire about things,” he says. Van Wyngarden was even romantically linked to actress Kirsten Dunst.

(His current girlfriend is an Irish commercial model based in New Zealand.

“A lot of the interviews we did that night were with people who had no idea who we were,” he says.


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    I will never forget Laurelton and all the great experiences that came with growing up there. I was involved in the movement in the 60's & early 70's. After high school, I went to Antioch College, then got a Ph. in political science from the University of Chicago. from 1952 (age 1) til about 1962 then, 137-14 228th St. To this day I talk about growing up in such a wonderful place. There's so many times I say I wish I could go back and spend one day of my childhood and see everything once more and all my friends I had, because Laurelton was the greatest town to grow up in. I moved from Laurelton before the end of high school but have maintained friendships from there to this day. All the kids would play games in the street till the lights came on: I Declare War, Scully, Ringo Levio, Ghost.

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