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Women who need a private place to share only with other women now have the Sisterhood Of Support membership site.That site, which I started in February of 2011 has become very popular and the members benefit greatly from the privacy, friendship and support of other women.Most people have them either in the pocket, on the hip, or attached to the ear.When cell phones were not as prevalent, society was very different.I am in the process of putting together a similar place for men.This is not meant to be sexist or to in any way diminish a man’s or a woman’s experiences.

Most of the students are with the principle’s policy, but to make it official the student council is having a vote....

[tags: Cell Phones] - Should students be permitted to use cell phones during school. The principle believes that it is very distracting to the students and their grades could fall, tests scores could be at an all time low.


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