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" Thereupon the name Huron was coined, and it was later applied indiscriminately to all the nation.

It has stood the test of time and is now in general and reputable use.

That these two terms were all but identical, may be inferred from the fact that the compound word skaouendat has the twofold significance of "one only voice" and "one only island". Hur., 1751, 197); and, among several other examples which follow, the word Skaouendat occurs.

Skaouendat is composed of the irregular verb, at, to be standing, to be erect, and one or other of the above mentioned nouns, thus aouenda-at , contracted (Elem. Dropping the first syllable, formed with the particle of reiteration, Ouendat remains, with the meaning, "The One Language", or "The One Land Apart" or "The One Island".

But which of the two substantives was combined in ouendat had probably lapsed, in the course of time, from the memory of the Hurons themselves.

Plausible reasons, however, may be alleged which militate in favour of both one and the other.


A discovery of this nature places within the realm of things certain the conclusion that at some period a Huron or Iroquois village stood on the spot.

long before either of these occurrences, they were wont to speak of their country, Huronia, as an island. Hechon ehen , the late Echon , which was de Brébeuf's, and later Chaumonot's, Huron name.

One instance of this is to be found in relation 1638 (Quebec edition, p. Then, among other examples, he gives Ouendake ehen , "La défunte huroine", literally "Huronia has been", recalling singularly enough the well know Fuit Ilium .

On the other hand the probability of Ouendat deriving from ahouênda , an island or land by itself, seems equally strong.

In the French-Huron dictionary, the property of Reverend Prosper Vincent Saouatannen, a member of the tribe, under the vocable île, the term atihouendo or atihouêndarack is given with the meaning "les Hurons" with the explanatory note: "quia in insulâ habitabant".

That the tribe should have styled themselves the tribe speaking the one language, would be quite in keeping with the fashion they had of laying stress on the similarity or dissimilarity of speech when designating other nations.


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