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Beautiful and rare Conn 70H bass trombone from the 1920s, with optional E rotary switch valve.

This isn't a "Fuchs" Model but the standard smaller throated 70H. Tuning in the slide with opera wheel tuning system, beautiful yellow brass with flat wrap F attachment.

00 without case or mouthpiece A fantastic deal for an inline professional level bass trombone.

I just love the sound of a Benge trombone, it is gooey dark with a brilliant edge, begging to be played with core and depth. This instrument has been in storage at a music shop for the past 15 years.

Get a bargain price on it 75 with case Rumor has it that Larry Minick was involved with the design of this model, could be true. The 112H is a great bargain for an inline valve bass trombone.

Interestingly, this particular trombone has a tuning slide incorporated in the slide.We believe that there were six L'Anglier bass trombones built, this one being #5 of 6.


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