Place where you would like to return

VOX Restaurant may be a worthy choice in the different cases and circumstances. Here you can invite for dinner business partners and to be sure that you are not going to put up a good show. It is also nice place to chat with your friends.

In a rich VOX's wine card all the important regions and the best producers of Italy are presented.

Sommelier offers wine that most closely matches your meal and expectations. And as digestives breathtaking variety of grappa, very famous and interesting port and sherry, brandy castle, Italian liqueurs based on herbs from Piedmont Mountains can be offered.

"I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best."

These are the words of unsurpassed aesthetic Oscar Wilde, and probably most of Vox's guests would say the same. Elegant, comfortable atmosphere, relaxed and devoid of the slightest stiffness, combined with excellent food and worthy service. That's what makes VOX's visitors to become regular customers, including the guests a very high level.

Exceptional attention to quality of products provides constant quality over the past four years. Only fresh fish, meat and seafood, carefully selected vegetables and fruits and attention to all the nuances of dishes - there are no trifles!