VOX - About Restaurant
St. Petersburg, 14 November 2018


Stable quality

"I have the simplest tastes. I'm always satisfied with the best." That's how Oscar Wilde, an unsurpassed sophisticate himself, concisely put it, and without a doubt that's something that many of the VOX customers can tell for themselves. An elegant and comfortable atmosphere, unaffected and without the least pretense, combined with superb cuisine and commendable service standards, those are the qualities that turn the customers of VOX, and among them some of the most distinguished guests, into the restaurant's regulars.

Amazing cuisine

Let's take for example the “VOX” penne. The likes of it you are not likely to find anywhere else in St. Petersburg. It is a perfect combination of a smooth cream sauce and Mascarpone cheese with pieces of beef and fresh cherry tomatoes. The dish is really worthy for one to come here specially for it. The classic stracetti di manzo in the VOX is served with fresh spinach. Everything is as simple as it should be in true Italian cuisine. But this very simplicity, based on masterful preparation of the high-quality products, constitutes the main charm of the VOX menu. The rich wine card of VOX encompasses all the major viticultural regions of Italy and its best wineries.